"Into the Thunder Dragon" premiers. . . when??

As stated on Kris Holm.com, "Into the Thunder Dragon will premiere on the Outdoor Life Network (USA) on July 31, 2002. " But, according to Outdoor Life Network’s website, there’s no such thing. I, wanting to watch it, am wondering. . . WHEN WILL IT BE ON DANGIT! IF THAT STUPID CHANNEL DOESN’T SHOW IT I’LL FRIGGIN’ SLAP THEM!!! (and their families, bless their hearts) So, if anyone has any information regaurding this subject, HURRY UP AND TELL ME SO I CAN START RECORDING!!! Not to be forward or anything. . . :wink:

-Jon Davis

(I’m serious)


I can’t find the listing either… I searched all of olntv.com… I really want to see this, too!

Yeah, me too, we need to talk to all the guys at unicon because I thought that they were going to premiere it there on the last day of unicon, and…yeah. have a nice day

Re: “Into the Thunder Dragon” premiers. . . when??

I saw it at unicon, it is awesome.

I agree, the film was tremendous. It’s not quite the same as the previous KH films as this one is more of a documentary on Kris and Nathan’s trek across the ancient countryside although it does show plenty of action. I spoke with Nathan after the showing and he confided that the previous action-packed films are great and exciting but they appeal more to the unicycle enthusiast and not so much to the “outside world”. With this film, they wanted to create something that would be exciting (which it definitely is!) with more of a story line or documentary type feel to reach out to non-unicyclist with the uniqueness and excitment of our sport and what all can be accomplished.


-Jon Davis

(I’m serious)


…and u quote collective soul at the end of your posts?!?


: :angry:

That’s what i was talking about when I said I’m Serious! I still don’t know when it premiers!


Some body plz tell me i need to kknow so i can set the vcr!!! AHHHHHH if I dont see it ill go crazy!!! :thinking:

Re: “Into the Thunder Dragon” premiers. . . when??


The TV broadcast date got pushed back to sometime in November.

We’re working on the the DVD and VHS versions right now and it should come out sometime in early
Fall. I’ll keep you posted.


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Re: “Into the Thunder Dragon” premiers. . . when??

Kris Holm wrote:

> We’re working on the the DVD and VHS versions right now and it should
> come out sometime in early

Will the DVD be region free? If not, what regions will be available


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