Into the hills on my new KH XC 24"

I took my new Kris Holm 24" XC unicycle up in the hills tonight to see how I would get on.

It was great, one of my Mates took his FreeRide Mountain bike up so we both had to push up the steeper hills, but his brake pads wore out on the main decent.

The trail was very steep, they are tracks for 4X4 vehicles, and one section is so steep that they would only just get up.

The trails are very cut up with the rain we had last week, so it was quite a challenge for me. I was really pleased at how much I was able to ride down, I came off a good few times, but I was able to ride nearly all the down hills, and I managed to ride a bit more of the up hills than I thought I would.

The Kris Holm Muni was great; there is no way I could have looked at those tracks on my old 26" Pashley. It was controllable on the very steep rough sections, and felt great on the climbs.


Sounds like a great time! One of those may be in my not-too-distant future.

High Quality Muni

I just ordered two myself a KH 20" and KH 24"
to fool around with. I have a dozen+ Uni’s and nothing rides like a KH.
I rode a Coker for my Muni till now. Now its KH and Coker. Two totally different ways to an awesome Muni ride.
Have fun its hard not to.