Interrail in Europe!!

Hey everyone!

We are 3 danish girls who are planning to go on an interrail this summer. Our plan is to start some days after Fluck and then travel in Europe for 22 days and then visit some of all the unicyclists we allready know in Europe, but we were also hoping maybe to get to know some of you we dont know yet. So if you are home after Fluck, have some free-time and wanna show us where its good to taste the local beer then write to us :smiley:

Greetings from
Gro, Nanna and Katia

See you at Fluck!!!


It’s a shame interrail doesn’t go to Cyprus, though.

Have good fun luck travelling.

You can just come and visit me, I live in a wonderful European city;)

Do you mean me or Ketchup?

It’d be really cool to have someone in Copenhagen to hang out with, I’ll be staying there for a day before and about two days after Fluck.

wich country’s are you planning to visit??
the Netherlands are cool;)

I actually meant Ketchup, but if im home before/after fluck it could be fun to figure out something… there might even be a bunch of german guys hangng out in copenhagen too.

to hang out with unicyclists is always great, the more the better:)

you should come down the south west of england we could get quite a few people over and have a nice meet.

come to brazil
beach, beer and caipirinhas all the day

Oh that sounds very nice! :smiley: We can figure out something…

Don’t know what plans exactly you have, but if you happen to be travelling across Warsaw/Poland as well just send me an email a few days before. I can show you some nice places in Warsaw and there are some tasty brands of beer here in Poland which you shouldn’t miss :slight_smile:


We didn’t plan where to go exactly yet, but we talked about starting out with Netherlands! Really wanna see Amsterdam!