Internet Videos?

Yo, what’s up everyone?
I will be posted my street videos on the internet after defect is out, and kinda wondering what people think of that. It goes against what i’ve said in the past, about keeping it underground. But I believe that was just for movie’s sake. Since there isn’t a movie this year I want to show everyone what i’ve been getting into. If some people are cool with that and they want to see some street videos, awesome, if you’re not cool, and you think I should just keep it to myself, tell me. Just wondering. I would like some credit for some of my moves and it’s hard waiting for defect, lol, so I guess one could say, my footage is burning a hole in my pocket. But whatever… Thanks for you time.

-Shaun Johanneson

I think you’re making things needlessly complicated. They’re just movies…if you want to post them, go ahead. I know I’ll enjoy watching them and I’m sure you enjoyed making them.


slow chant post. post. post. post. post. post. post.

Do it man, your tricks are sick. How many people in the world can do 720 unispins?

Did you do those kickass massive varials knowing that they were gonna help you hit a seventwenny? I like trying varials except that when it comes back to doing unispins I can’t even see me sticking a 360 anytime soon.

Do the right thing, post it. :stuck_out_tongue:


definitley id like to see your videos. and i agree your 720 unispin is dope.


Definitely post!!

When is defect coming out, anyway?

Re: Internet Videos?

Here’s my personal opinion about it. It takes practice to archiev a certain level. And so, if you are able to operate on that level you deserve to do ‘someone elses’ skill.
Things like what I’ve been reading about TCUC’s 1 year monopoly on skills by it’s originator… ridiculous!
In ice skating you see the same. Secret practice-sessions. Some jugglers do the same.
All fine by me. Do whatever you want to do secretly. But then do keep it secret. And don’t tell me anything at all about it. Don’t even tell me that you do have secrets. Because before you know your newests secret skill was allready my secret skill for years. And in no-time we have bad standings.
If someone will show “my” side-ride 2 ww on some big stage, before I do… fine.
(and before you know this post gets a reply containing an URL of some old clip that contains “my” skill)

So what about releasing your secrets, and raise the level of unicycling?
Cause what if all originators would have kept secret all the skills that were the basic or your skills… would you ever considered the skills you came up with being possible? Would you think riding with one leg is possible? ww, gliding, coasting?
If you look back on your secret skills of today in 45 years… would you consider this secretness other than silly?

The 720 is on the standard skills for years and years. In almost 10 years of unicycling, the many places I’ve been, you’re the 1st I ever saw doing a succesfull 720.
What if you executed it in 1996? In 1998 probably some other would have done it.
So what about showing today your todays archievements?

I was talking about this thread in which I felt the need to show everyone my respect for you.

And one other thing to consider: if you are worlds #1 unicyclist… there is only one direction you can go.

post them please

I don’t believe in positioning in this sport, being there are far too many styles to go by. Also I don’t feel it right that if you are number one there is only one direction you can go. I believe you can also go up, ha, though no number allows that, and the whole idea behind this statement is a bit stupid, just keep excelling. I’ll post the vids, it’s so much fun making them, riding, and waht not. I agree with the secrets though. Might as well show all now, so the sport can grow… I’m not asking for fame, i’m asking for recognition. And not as a cocky unicyclist, haha. What I say just goes the wrong way. oh well.
-Shaun Johanneson
p.s. I bit subject jumpy, my mistake.

This forum moves pretty quick so do you reckon you’d be able to PM me when you’ve posted your videos?


Re: Internet Videos?

So post it, say you did it first and best if you want, and let it go at that.

Its hard for me to wait for defect, too.:slight_smile: