Internet on a Unicycle

I was riding home from a friend’s house this evening, and I had my laptop with me. I opened it up to turn on some music as I was lackign a music player, and the ride isn’t that far at all, and a wireless network popped up at me. As it was called ‘free2use’, I hopped on, talked on irc (badly!) and one-handedly browsed a bit of internet.

Anyone else ever done something similar? What about things that you really shouldn’t be doing on top of a unicycle? I’m sure you guys have some stories :smiley:

Wow you did that all while riding thats pretty tough. If you took a fall thats the end of your laptop. I would have just waited till I got home to go on my internet.

The most I’ve done while on a unicycle was eat a slim jim. Slim jims are soooo good, especially atop a unicycle.

It’s fun to eat ice cream on a hot day while riding down the street too :smiley:

I was also riding on a smooth street with very little traffic, and I’m quite confident in my ability to stay up, even with something as unweildy as a laptop. I think even if I had fallen, I had enough of a grip on the laptop to not drop and break it. If I’d felt that would happen, never would have opened it in the first place!


Yeah unicycling with a laptop is pretty crazy. Were you looking where you were going? Well today I talked on a cell phone while riding, and then I had an ice cream.

fairly impressive. my friends and i play blood knuckels sometime. He rides his bike tho. Playing with one hand is hard when you have to pay attention to the road, your balence, and the game. But surfing the net isnt to shabby none the less.

I was Listening to my ipod one time and hit a bump and sent the ipod flying over 30ft bouncing on the road, it lived though.

I tried reading and riding one time. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, as long as there is nothing to close to you. I had to stop because I was riding on a sidewalk and almost ran over a kid walking his b*ke.

Re: Internet on a Unicycle

I used to live around the corner from a donut shop… I’d get breakfast for myself and the neighbor (hot coffee and a couple donuts) while riding the uni, until the day I hit a bump and got some hot coffee on my shorts :astonished: I should’ve sued McDonald’s or something… isn’t that how it works?

Muni blindfolded!!

You guys are pretty talented. I nearly killed myself falling off after simply trying to make a few comments to a young lady carrying a laundry basket and craning my neck back to see her response…

I’d be too worried about dropping my laptop to unicycle with it. Besides, mine is pretty big and it would be hard to hold onto one handed.

Mojoe…using his 17 inch Powerbook to post this

jealousy of 17" powerbook

I*ve eaten stuff, wrestled, and done some other random stupid stuff on a uni. Uni soccer doesn’t work too well.

I personally like eating while riding a uni…soda in one hand, pizza in the other, ahhhhh… (:

i hate not doing anything while i ride… it just feel kinda awkward having my hands laying limp at my sides, so if im not eating something ill pick a leaf off of the nearest tree while i ride next to i and mess around with the leaf…


That reminds me of testing the gliding course at Unicon VIII in England. I was eating a piece of pizza when the organizers dropped me off at the top of the hill to try it out and see if it wasn’t too flat. I thought it was perfect, where a heavy-footed rider would come to a stop, and only one with a light touch would really pick up speed. Alas it was not to be, as it started raining just before the event (you can’t do a downhill glide race in the rain). We raced the 10k on the same street though, in the pouring rain.

But Jonathan Marshall, or one of the other organizers, was amazed to see me jump out of the van and start gliding, while still eating my pizza. I wasn’t even thinking about it.

One of my earliest experiences of total stupidness while riding was trying to carry a 25 lb bag of dog food home from the supermarket (about a mile) on a 6’ giraffe. We took turns, Bradley Bradley and me, both on 6 footers. The hard part, of course, was the mount!

I have thought about bringing my laptop to work on the back of my Coker, but I’m still nowhere near ready to attempt it. Though I have (knock wood) not had any drop-unicycle crashes on my commuting rides, I probably will someday. It’s not worth the risk of my main computer!

Somebody needs to come up with a harness or brace thing that holds the laptop in place while you ride…something that comes over your shoulders to hook to the laptop…

My dad would kill me if I unicycled with his laptop.

Haha! Now that is really funny. I can’t hardly imagine that sight. What a ridiculous object to try to carry on such a tall unicycle. The only thing more ridiculous would be if it had been a 25 lb bag of giraffe food! …hahaha…I crack myself up.

The real challenge is when the slices are still in the box… managing to one-hand the box, open it, extract a slice, close the box and begin munching is quite a task. I’ve been practicing weekly since our local pizza shop has $1 slice wednesdays

Now if I could manage beer and pizza on the uni, I’d never have a reason to dismount again! :stuck_out_tongue:

My pizza shop has $1 dollar slices everyday.

You can’t drink beer on a uni you will get charged for UUI. Unicycling under the influence

Re: Internet on a Unicycle

“forrestunifreak” <>
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> Somebody needs to come up with a harness or brace thing that holds the
> laptop in place while you ride…something that comes over your
> shoulders to hook to the laptop…

Bolt it in place. You never heard of these cycle computer things?
Link it with a colour GPS map program and you won’t even need to look at the
road. Key in your destination . Get a pleasing voice saying " Turn left
in 75 yards" " Take the second exit at the roundabout" :wink: