International Unicycle Hockey event

Following the sucess of the 1st International mixed up Hockey tournamnet
in Darmstadt, Germany last Novenmber. The Darmstadt bunch are doing it
again. All unicycle hockey players from any club, or no club, from any
country are invited to join the fun in Darmstadt. Players will be mixed up
and put into teams with people thay do not play with regulary.

Nov, 30th - Dec. 1st 2002 * in the gymnasia of the Technical University,
Darmstadt, Germany

Some general information about it from Swen Wittorf

-Schedule Saturday
9am-12pm: Workshops, Games,… from 12pm: Sales of
sandwiches, salads etc. 12-13pm: Schwitzfit (Warm up) 13-6pm: Hockey
tournament in the big gym, small gym open for training. 6pm: Dinner (warm)
from 7pm: free training

Over night Accomodation in the small gym, bring sleeping bag.

8am:Breakfast 9am-4pm: Hockey tournament in the big gym, small gym open
for training. from 4pm: free training

-Registration fee
12.50 Euro for international participants,
17.50 Euro for german participants.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- For
more information, see our web page(s):
English version:
French version:
German version

or contact me or the head organizer - Joachim Schaub ( -
via email.
Please pass this information to as many unicyclists as you know. Hope to
see you in Darmstadt!

Sven Wittorf