International Unicon

Out of interest, which countries have the last 6 International Unicycle sports
conventions been in?


Re: International Unicon


The last 6 (and first 6) have been as follows:

                      Unicon I: New York, NY 1984
                      Unicon II: New York, NY 1986

III: Tokyo, Japan 1987
IV: Aquadilla, Puerto Rico 1988
V: Hull, Quebec, Canada 1991
VI: Quebec, Quebec, Canada 1992
VII: Minneapolis, MN 1994

You may notice some of the odd dates and gaps. For a while, the intent was to
hold Unicons every year, but in '85, the gym they were going to use was
destroyed in a fire, so they had to reschedule for 1986. We were on track for
II, III, and IV; and then decided in PR to hold the Unicons every 2 years. Well
the 3 year gap happened because the organizers in Hull didn’t get their act
together soon enough, and couldn’t get enough funding, so they delayed one year.
Of course, the people in Quebec had already made plans for '92, so the Unicon
was held with just a one year gap.

Unicon VII was supposed to be held in Germany, but once again funding was a
problem, and the organizers pulled out. This is when some people got together at
the National Meet and discussed holding Unicon in the US. I opened my big mouth
and said we could hold Unicon in Minneapolis. And here it is! This could be your
last chance to be at a Unicon in the US for probably 10+ years! (I’m sure not
going to do this again … maybe)


Constance Cotter Unicon VII Director The 7th International
Unicycle Sports Convention August 2 to August 7, 1994

Address: Unicon VII; P.O Box 131404; St. Paul, MN 55113-0012
(612) 788-9137 phone; (612) 631-9270 fax