International Uni Hockey event.

I’m forwarding this e-mail to let more unicyclists know about an up-coming
uni hockey weekend in Darmstadt, Germany in November. It sound fun, mixing
players up so you don’t play with your “normal” team, and don’t need to
take a whole team along if you don’t have one handy.

Hi together,

we are organizing an international hockeytournament in Darmstadt,
Germany, on 10/11th of november. This will be a tournament with only
mixed teams and so we expect very interesting matches and a lot of fun
and new contacts! Registration deadline: 1st of october !!! Further
informations on:

Sorry, there is no french version yet. Please spred this information among
the unicyclists of your country

See you Meike and Joachim

The registration for this event has been extended until October 15. Everyone is welcome to participate. Check out the details at