International Harper Day ride 2013

But, are you bringing it and do you need a Discover Pass?

Next week. See you then.

Does anyone have a spare bigger unicycle I could use? I pulled a spoke through the flange on my Schlumpf this morning. It popped as soon as high gear engaged. I have a 26 inch Oregon. I sold my Nimbus 36er last year.

This looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could make it. Maybe next year!

I have two Discover Passes but I don’t have a spare 36er. Are you still planning on coming, Shannon? I think we have enough vehicles with Discover Passes and it’s a sure thing if either you bring a full-size pickup or DeKoekkoek brings his troop transporter. The advantage of Steve’s GMC is that he can also carry lots of people. I think we have more than 14 to get to the top.

I’m still coming. I’m going to chance it and ride my 36er. The truck I’m using is a full-size long bed Dodge with a standard cab. Can haul a whole lot of cycles and only 2 passengers.


I’m showing 11 unicyclists and 3 bicyclists.

We will meet at the lot just south of the Issaquah Park and Ride between 9:00 and 9:30 AM Saturday 31 August (except for Kenny and Brandi). To get to the lot, take exit 15 on I-90 to SR-900 (Renton Road) southbound. Go about four blocks and turn left onto Newport Way. Then, turn right into the driveway to the parking lot. Lots of free parking and it’s easy to find people.

See you tomorrow. Looks like great weather coming our way.

I will meet up in Issaquah 9-930 am. I will have a truck and a 2 slot bicycle rack. A girl that lives near Rattlesnake Lake is planning to join in at Hyak.

Great ride today. We had 13 unicyclists and 3 bicyclists out for 21 miles of fantastic hardpack and perfect weather. Kevin cooked up a brilliant birthday present. Hopefully you’ll be able to see photographic evidence of this lavish gift. Thanks to John, Marc, Tom, Steve, Kevin, Shannon, Frances, Jeff, Noli, Yukari, Peter, Jason, Sam, Kenny, and Brandi for coming. Next year we’ll be doing this ride on retirement day.

Photographic Evidence:

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

My evidence:

photo 1(1).JPG


Harper: When you ride around the park with your “Uni-Cane”… people are bound to give you the respect you deserve.

Having a “Uni-Cane” that is accessorized with a flower/gift basket and a flower that says"Make my Day!" next to a chrome pistol in a holster, topped off with a purple and pink unicorn is going to get you some serious props, yo

I hope we are all around for at least another 61 International Harper Days

Let’s see a video of you on the lavish gift!

Beautiful day, wonderful ride, great friends!

Preach it, brother. Glad you and Brandi could make it. I’m also relieved that Yukari came all the way from Japan to save Blackwood’s bacon and maintain the international status of the ride.