International Harper Day Ride, 2012

The International Harper Day Ride for 2012 will commemorate my 60th birthday this year. It will be a couple of days beforehand, on Sunday 26 August, but that’s close enough.

We will ride the Iron Horse Trail from Hyak to Rattlesnake Lake which is about a 22 mile ride down a 2% railroad grade. You only have to pedal to maintain balance it’s so easy. There is a 2.3 mile long, pitch black dark tunnel right at the beginning of the ride. If you haven’t gone on this ride before you will need a unicycle and a very bright light. My hair is getting so white that I may be able to illuminate most of the tunnel, but not all of it. Last year we had only unicycles on this ride and it was unbelievably easy to transport them. Carrying bikes up there was always a huge hassle. Unicycles rule when it comes to transport.

We’ll decide on a meeting point later. In past years the primping involved has delayed the ride substantially. It takes several hours for Blackwood to put on his faceguard, kneepads, armpads, armpitpads, NFL shoulderpads, anklepads, padded gloves, padded hydration pack, and special padded helmet. By the time he’s done you’ll be ready for a padded cell. One year, JC and I did the entire ride and then rode it backwards and got back to the parking lot just as Tom was tightening the last strap.

It’s always a fun ride. I hope you can attend.

Does the equation change when you turn six-oh?

Maybe I can make the Harper Day ride in 2014…

Have fun :smiley:

I wana go on!

Washington State? Can’t afford that trip this year…

Maybe if you win the election and move to Washington D.C. then I’ll make it next year.

The history of these pimping and primping rituals is quite intriguing, though.


2014 is a good choice. That will be my retirement day, my 62nd birthday, a cause for great joy to me. I hope you can make it.

The rides are already pimped. It’s the primping that takes so long.

Sweet. On my calendar, now to see if I can still ride a unicycle. Does riding my road bike with no hands count?

I’m going to plan on it.

I can shuttle also with the my truck and I will make sure to have the rack on.

Whatever it takes… make sure Tom “The Bomb” Blackwood is on board with the ride.

Just a reminder that this is going down in a month. I thought I would pop it up to the top before Karen and I took off for Bogota.

I think Tom will show up. I believe he has attended more IHD rides than I have. Glad you can make it and your gigantic truck will certainly come in handy again.

I’m not sure yet, will depend on vacations and sore knees.

Tire still holds air and made it from Lynnwood to home without UPD yesterday. Just like riding a bi…I mean Unicycle!

Just caught this thread. . .
I’m going to try for it, but it will be a push. Depends on whether my wife gets back from a business road trip in time for me to leave kids with her. And there’s also work on Monday to deal with.
But there’s no doubt in my mind that IHD is worth 14 hours of driving. :slight_smile:

Just found out I’ll be out of town. :frowning: We’ll have to celebrate your 61st next year!

I’m upping my attendance to probable.

I’m trying to make this a combined motorcyle/uni trip. :smiley: :sunglasses:
If I manage to mount my Coker on my motorcycle, will someone let me put my camping gear in their car at the trailhead while we’re riding, and can I count on someone else for a shuttle?

uniShark: Yes. Should be no problem to handle one or both tasks and if you need to stay longer just say and I can hook up a guestroom.

HAPPY BIrthday for then Harper. I ( and paul) will raise a light to you on harper day as we celebrate with a rail trail ride in our own country- we will be riding the plym valley trail with a long dark tunnel ( a bat roost) , some precarious feeling viaducts and stunning veiws…

I rememebr my ride on the iron horse trail at Unicon 2002 with fond memories.
Not quite as white haired as you but sure feeling my own age…

You are correct on both counts, sir.

This ride is still scheduled for Sunday, 26 August. I think we’re going to meet at around 9:30 to 10:00 somewhere on the east side, maybe the lot where we met last year. So far this is looking like a not very crowded ride with only four riders committed so far. I think James would be number five if he makes the trek from Montana. There is certainly room at my place for him and others to stay. I may be housing JC if he decides to show. I still don’t have a foreigner to fulfill the “International” requirement yet.

We’re most likely gonna come, that would be 2 riders (maybe 3), all foreigners!!

Wish I lived closer - have a great ride Greg and friends.