International Go Ride Uni Day!

July 20th. 7-20. Uni!

-Shaun Johanneson

why is today international uni day?

Isn’t that every day?

well i’m gonna go do some unicycle hockey so yeah :smiley:

ahaha but why today?

Jumped up my stairs a few times but i’m busy doing school and packing for oshkosh. How about next month for the Uni day. Or pick Dan Heatons birthday or something.

7-20, weather, time of year, date. Dan Heaton’s birthday is in the winter, not good riding conditions, and australia doesn’t matter that it’s there winter now, since they don’t really have a winter at all.

-Shaun Johanneson

Yes, sounds good. Bringing back the threads…


Oh man, it’s already 9PM here and getting dark. If only I knew earlier. I did ride anyway but the feeling wasn’t the same:p

Alas we’ve had so much rain here that I had to try 9 different routes to get home, I sharn’t be out on a uni tonight.

I am going out riding and filming today for a few hours. I forgot about 7/20, but it worked out. :slight_smile:

its now 11:08 :frowning:

Well, I didn’t know, but I did have a particular long uni session today of about 4 hrs with 2 mates :smiley:

well its dark now, but i rode anyway…
i ride everyday anyway

Cool, But shouldn’t i be everyday like everyone else mentioned??

Cause it’s my b’day and i say we should all ride. :wink:

Yep definitely.

It’s 10:45am here in Sydney right now. :smiley:

I went out and had a little ride. Low tire pressure, caused a lot of bottoming out, so it sucked on a lot of stuff. Still had fun.

I refuse to unicycle today!

Went out today with my friend. He broke his seat post, and I broke my seat base. Not a successful go ride uni day. :frowning:

It actually feels pretty good outside right now, but I burnt myself up swimming a lot today before I found out what today was…but I did ride the past 3 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already rode today. And I built a grind rail today to. And I landed a really smooth hopless in to out unispin. I still can’t grind the rail cuz I made it 18" high which was a mistake cuz I always fall back and hurt myself whenever I try it. But overall, it was a good day for unicycling, and I didn’t even know what day it was…

maybe thats why i had a good ride yesterday
(combo 1: r h up three stairs, 180 hop, fakie 360 down two stairs, fakieflip, 180 flip.
combo 2: crankflip up 2 stairs, 360 down 3)
(its good for me, maybe not you pro’s, you could probs do that in your sleep.)
and maybe thats why my friend (evainus) landed his first unispin yesterday…
australia does have a winter, its just not as cold as you, but im freakin freezing… and im pretty sure near brisbane, in the morning there’s frost on the grass…