Intermediate unicycle for cheap?

I am looking for a unicycle from 24 to 28 inches for things such as light muni as well as light trials. I am afraid that I will break my 20" Zephyr with the stress of hopping. I am looking for a cheap unicycle that will withstand a little bruises here and there. I have searched amazon and found two 24 unis: an avenir deluxe and a summit. i assume these are both crap but which is better? or is there something else? thanks

Go to & buy a Nimbus… You won’t break it.

If you buy a cheap unicycle, that’s all you’ll get, a cheap unicycle!

Both the unicycles you are looking at are complete junk. If you want to be really, really cheap about this, and you are on the lighter side, I would recommend that you buy a Torker LX and a mountain tire of some sort. I was able to get away with using a setup like this for light muni and trials for some time, but my hub is a little messed up because of it. You can expect this sort of thing to happen to a cotterless hub. If you aren’t on the lighter side, or if you decide that you want a unicycle that will actually last you a long time, then I’d spend the extra $150 and buy a Nimbus Muni with a solid ISIS hub.