[Intermediate] Back it up Combo

I think this will be a fun game, rules are just like normal back it up games but here you can only do combos. Here’s a quick overview:

Person 1: Films a combo, for example 360 unispin-backroll-1.5 scuff coast
Person 2: Films 360 unispin-backroll-1.5 scuffcoast, and then does another combo of their choice, such as rolling wrap-varial roll-outside roll.
Person 3: Films Person 2’s combo and their own combo

Note: Both combos do not have to be in the same clip like stack it up, and anyone can join the game at any time.

So lets start! I’ll film the first combo in a little bit, unless someone beats me to it. :slight_smile:

SOUNDS COOL! I’m totally up for this :slight_smile:

Good idea, i will play fo sure :slight_smile:

Ok awesome :slight_smile:

Here’s the first trick, superroll-backroll-90-180-90-outside roll

FINALLY!!! I love these normal BUIs! :smiley:

I have backed it up, waiting for youtube to upload :wink:

I’ll join!

Julias trick:

New trick:

Is there a stack it up version of this??? I’d enjoy that :smiley:

You can make your own one and be the coolest person in this thread for doing all of them in a row :stuck_out_tongue:

Is some one gonna do Christian’s trick?
Or he can do another trick himself wich we can do well.:slight_smile:

I can do both varial roll and backroll360, but I really suck at switching my foot from varial roll-backroll, so it would probably take me a long time to get this one. A new trick would be cool. :slight_smile:

Cool Matti :sunglasses: I will try this asap:)

This is ugly like hell compared to mattis sick style but i made it ^^

It’s blocked in America because of the stupid music thing, can you put it on vimeo? or just say what trick you added :slight_smile:

sure, i’m uploading it to vimeo too since i did some editing on it too. (even tho it sucks) :smiley:

The trick is 360-wrapwalk-backroll-backrollflip-wrapwalk-backroll-backrollflip180