Interesting Unicycle Tool

Here is a nut(I have two of them. Two threaded hollow pieces of metal.) that we had in a random bolt, nut, screw, nail collection that every garage should have. I wanted you to guess what I use it for in conjunction with my uni. It should be easy, but go ahead and guess what I use it for.:slight_smile: No perverted replies

I have two of them also. Many of us do. I put them on the seat when I ride.

(You asked for it) :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a castellated locking nut, most commonly found used to set the end float of axle bearings, and you’re using it as a spoke wrench.

Now where’s my chocolate fish?

Thanks. I was wondering what I was using it for. Actually I was wondering what it was really to be used for.

It fits remarkably well on spokes and I have used it to true two wheels. And I have an extra one in case I lose one! And it was free!

Certainly will come in handy as long as every wheel you own has #14 spoke nipples.

As far as Interesting Unicycle Tools go, it doesn’t be you though…


I have one of these, I put a mark by the holes I use. I like how it makes it easy to turn each spoke exactly half, to tighten a wheel that is true without changing it.


I have a hozan spoke wrench like this, but quite a bit better quality. If you can find it a VAR spoke wrench is probably the best version of this type, but I haven’t seen one in years.