Interesting "uni"...

Browsing the unis on ebay UK I came across the dodgem


bad link

OK, try again:

Does this work?

If that fails again, the item number is


on ebay uk

How is that 4 bikes in one…

i have one of those… the uni that it comes with isnt terribly bad… but it weighs a ton…


This is what got my son and I into unicycling. I saw one on the internet and decided to buy him one for Christmas. I didn’t know if he would ever learn to ride the unicycle part but I figured at least the bke part would be fun. It turns out that the bke part was fun (especially in full swivel mode) but the unicycle was even more fun. A few weeks after Christmas I bought myself a unicycle. My son’s unicycle is not the best in the world but it works for him. In fact, we just got back from a five mile ride on paved paths and gravel roads.

Here is a link to the Uniqo demonstration video: