Interesting Uni Seat

I found this on ebay just now and was wondering if anyone had seen it before, I myself have never seena nything resembling it. Is it even really a unicycle seat? Oh well, does anyone think this would provide much comfort or anything of goodness?

I think it would be horrible. It’s not shaped to fit under us it just uses height variation to keep you on it, it’s probably really bad material and it’s just cheap. Make up your own mind but I wouldn’t think of buying that ever.

When I was looking at the “unis at home” thread, I’m sure I saw some of John Foss’s unis with similar ones.

According to that seat was called a Messenger.

It was a pretty common seat on the old Cycle-Pro style frames. I had one of these seats on an old garage sale uni I picked up around '90.

The seat was fine for training/learning, actually better than the seat-with-bumper-rails style. The front of the vinyl cover finally wore through from the repeated falls (imagine that) and would slip back leaving the metal frame exposed. It spent many years patched up with duct tape but was finally thrown away last year.

That style of seat also takes just a straight seat post. No four-bolt bracket needed.

Its a unicycle seat all right. My 1973 “I can’t remember what” unicycle came with it. It was all I knew of until two years ago. It has a metal plate that runs the entire length underneath. So, after a couple of hundred UPDs it eats through the vinyl cover and sticks out all gnarly.

When I showed up at my first MUC meeting, Tommy’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He was scared for me to ride it. He called it “Mad Max” and he swapped it with a Miyata. My boohiney said “aaaaaaaah”.

I was never really considering buying it…I have no spare frame for it to call home. I was just curious as to its origin and such like that.

Back in 7th grade, a teacher of mine had a unicycle seat like that. It was horrible. Of course, they were all bad back then. --chirokid–

yes, i recall seeing seats like that. in fact, there was a thread on the Petty Unicycle company which has a seat similar to that, which can be found here