Interesting Uni race pic

Found this in a technical journal:

track race.jpg

Re: Interesting Uni race pic

Perhaps for all the technical people here it is so obvious as to not bear asking, but for the rest of us, what was the article called? What is the context? What is the journal? Why are the seats so low?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Advertisement in June 2003 issue of Semiconductor Manufacturing, pg 147, referring to ASML TwinScan Optical Lithography Systems:

The seats are low to improve aerodynamics.:stuck_out_tongue:

The bicyclist is politely moving out, as he’s about to be lapped.

that picture is utterly rediculas!

whoever the fool is that made it obviously doesnt know a thing about track racing.

LOL i mean to accualy picture a track bike with brakes…?get real…


Re: Interesting Uni race pic

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 19:53:25 -0500, jagur
<> wrote:

>LOL i mean to accualy picture a track bike with brakes…?get real…
Not to mention the non-racy, almost casual posture of the unicyclists.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“No two crotches are alike. If they are, I don’t want to know about it. - John Foss, on seat comfort.”

The unicyclists’ relaxed posture is because they aren’t TRYING yet! The bicyclist is about to get his wheels sucked off by the vacuum created by the 3-uni pace line!!! Won’t need his brakes then!

My question is…

Obviously a fake pic, but has anyone ever had a Coker (or other big wheel) on a Velodrome? Any of you Atlanta Unis taken a big wheel to the East Point Velodrome? --chirokid–