Interesting uni on Ebay

Saw this on ebay today, can’t help but wonder how old it actually might be:

I saw that yesterday, and remember thinking that for $450 I can think of a lot of other Unicycles I would rather have. Now if I could get it for $40-$50 it might be good wall art. Knowing the history of it would make it very interesting wall art.

That uni looks strangely similar to one I built in 9th grade metal shop.

I’d be VERY surprised if is is as old as the ad suggests.


hmmm…very nice bearings on this unicycle :slight_smile:


LOL! Unless i am very much mistaken, isnt that an inflatable tyre?? Did they have them in the 1890s?? Also looking at teh seat clamp it looks suspiciously modern to me. More like 1980s, been buried fro 20 yrs and someone dug it up. $450!

I notice the spokes are laced so the valve is located in an unusual position. The usual position would be with the valve one spoke further clockwise which gives better access to the valve.

I wonder if this indicates that the machine was made by an occasional unicycle maker rather than a bike shop?

The $450 is only for the “Buy It Now” option. Current bid is $9.99, which it says doesn’t meet the minimum. Might be worth a shot…maybe you can get it for that $40 or $50 you mention. I can’t imagine ANYONE bidding that thing up that high. I have to think the total superset of “Antique Unicycle Collectors” is a very small and probably under-funded group that could be tallied on a couple of fingers. I don’t know this seller came about valuing his property, but I believe that the market will re-educate him here.

yes they did

John Dunlop invented the phuematic tyre in 1888

Were the first pneumatic bike tires glue on or clincher style?

I’m thinking that the first pneumatics were sew up style that had to be glued to the rim, but I could be all wrong. I tried a Google search but was unable to find anyting that stated whether the first pneumatic bike tires were glue on or clincher. I know some of the early pneumatic car tires were glue on, because I found a picture of an old restored 1890’s or early 1900’s car that had driven right out of it’s tire because it was not glued properly to the rim.

Not sure if this helps, since I don’t grok the “clincher style” concept. Here’s a post from:

In 1845 the first inflatable tire was produced by Scottish engineer Robert Thompson. His invention consisted of a canvas inner tube surrounded by a Leather outer tire. The tire gave a good ride but there were so many manufacturing and fitting problems that the idea had to be abandoned.

In 1888 John Dunlop re-invented the tire for his ten year olds tricycle. Dunlops tire had a modified leather hosepipe as an inner tube and rubber treads, it wasn’t long before rubber inner tubes were invented. Dunlop went on to help form a company which later became the Dunlop Rubber Company to produce his invention. The invention quickly caught on for bicycles and was later adapted for use on cars.