Interesting saddle from the Qu-ax site

Here’s the website:

Their saddle looks a bit like the upcoming Velo saddle.

still trying to post the right picture:


It looks like it might be worth trying. BUT, since I can’t find anywhere on the site where you can buy one, screw 'em.

Judging from the pics and the fact that I’ve never heard of them before, the equipment looks a little mickey mouse.

you cant buy anything from their site, they say it many times–they are a distributor, and dont deal with end users directly. there is a page with stores that sell their products roaming around somewhere on the site…i think the artistic store might be your best bet(because i cant understand any of the other web-sites)

If you’re interested, Altavista has a tool that will translate websites from one language to another.

That’s a Velo freestyle saddle - as opposed to the KH saddle
(no extended handle)

Leo White

so are either avalible to purchase?? if so where can I pick it up