Interesting road engineering

I found a loop in Strava near me that I want to try on the unicycle someday soon:

It starts on the lower section with the green dot and goes up a hill. But check out the slope on the upper leg coming down, it’s linear! That means the road must have been engineered to have a constant slope. I’ve never seen that before - pretty cool. I haven’t seen the descending portion yet, but maybe it was cut recently. I didn’t know this was done, but makes sense.


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Yes the Old River Rd looks like the grade of the road was the controlling factor when built. It snakes around the hills to maintain the consistent grade. I measured that long uniform grade as about 9.7%.
The Bragg Hollow Rd follows property lines and the edges of tillable fields and such with less regard to maintaining a consistent grade. The steepest part of that road seems to be about 11.4% for a short section near the top with much of it being a much lower grade.

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