Interesting new Triton frame...

The point is, it takes a while for things to catch on. I think disc brakes are the way of the future for unicycling, and I’ve no doubt that there will be other cranks that can fit disc brakes once there is a market for them. To say that you shouldn’t get one because there is only one model available, is like saying you shouldn’t use hydraulic rim brakes because only a small handful of companies make them.

At the moment, we also have limited choices of geared unicycle hub. 10yrs ago when I started riding, Pashley was probably one of the few production MUnis. Even now, we have limited Unicycle models/brands available.

We’re working on other crank choices.

Just to confirm Jogi’s words: yes, that was only one frame made upon customer’s request. And it took quite a lot time because we currently have a large number of bicycle and unicycle frames in production.

So it’s the only Triton 125mm frame so far.

There have also been clearance issues (the hub didn’t have a proper set of spacers so we had to machine one) and then the customer was playing with the caliper that would fit well and clear the crank.
“I wasn’t able to use the mechanical brake (stuck out too far and would interfere with the crank arm) so I went with hydraulic which works perfectly”

We have worked a lot with Jogi and guys from MountainUni to make their disc brake system work with Triton.

At the same time I am open to new things and prefer when there’s a choice.
Both systems may have good sides and drawbacks. The rider is to choose which system suits him better.

Yeah, I tried the same, it just takes too much space, for some reason mechanical disc brakes are not svelte.

As to having a Schlumpf with an internal disc, I’d say that you need a minimum of 125mm, possibly more considering the most recent hub with dust shields has literally 1mm spacing from the KH frame :o

I’m sure there’s room for both systems. I’m inclined toward having a wider stance, so my future will be in 125mm spaced hubs.

I know that this was supposed to be a one off but if someone wanted one what would be the process to get one. :slight_smile:

Interested in a 36" version. I just find that the looks of the mountain uni brake are just not my personal taste.

But this is the bees knees.



your best bet would be just to e-mail them and ask them if they would make whatever you have in mind.

I believe that custom is still the rule rather than the exception for them.

I love my custom Triton. The wait was long but well worth it.

Not to discount the Triton frames, but there is a wait, I asked the same question last year when I first saw the limited internal disc Triton frame, I was told a minimum of six months with no firm delivery date. So I bought an Oregon.

For $175 you can get an Oregon frame, while not as nice as a Triton, it’s also a whole lot less expensive. BUT, if you have the cash, Ti is sweet :smiley:

I now have four hub based disc brake unis, two (26, 29) are the Oracle hub with 80mm flange spacing/100mm bearing spacing, the other two (Oregon, 36er) are Oregon hubs with the 100/125 spacing.

I agree on the need for both internal and external disc systems, a guni with an internal disc would be very wide at the crown unless the frame was radiclaly taperd from the disc to the crown.

All this aside, Maguras do work fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Eric

I have sent the email off :slight_smile:

For the record, I do have 2 36" Triton Ti with brake tab in stock. You’ll be sold on performance Davey, and bling your SINZ up with colored chainring bolts. Not sure what’s not to fancy…:wink: