Interesting new Product!

Interesting new product

An interesting product that I ran accross.


Be more specific.

People don’t like clicking on links that take them to who knows where.

It goes to…

wait for it…

http: //Interesting%20new%20product :thinking:

something is missing here.

I guess there is not an interesting new product, so he is saying that there should be. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if you already know this, but %20 in computer language is a space. So basically this is a really messed up url. No domain and it has spaces. And no www..

Yah I know. He put “Interesting new product” as the URL, The site adds http://

I added the space between the colon and the slash to stop it from showing up as a URL in my message. :slight_smile:

Don’t use the words “colon” and “slash” in the same sentence. It makes me uncomfortable.

I think he forgot the link.

This guy is good!

I don’t think he “forgot” the link. I think he either does not know how to use the URL function(unlikely), or that he is playing a joke on us(more likely).

C’mon guys! 24 hours have passed and only 9 replies!

A dead link about who knows what posted for god only knows what reason should have generated at least 3 pages of speculation, a couple of falling outs and several posts pointing out that a similar thread had already been posted before and, anyway, that this was in the wrong forum…

That’s exactly what he wanted…

00100000 is a space in Binary

I also know the binary for the space and a few basic letters, but I was salking about when you type a space in a URL address bar, the computer will usually convert it to a %20.

Spaces can also be or a space on a new line is <br>.

There are many ways to write spaces in different computer languages.

The %20, &nbsp, and <br> are all html. <br> (or </br> in xhtml) is a forced page break.