Interesting Miyata Air Seat Conversion Tonight

I did an air seat conversion tonight (Harper, my tenth-but who’s counting) and found that none of the carriage bolt threads contained thread-lock.

I worked my finger up underneath the cover and foam cushion to hold the heads of the rear carriage bolts as much as I could then hoped and prayed while gently turning the nuts underneath. Much to my surprise, the nuts came loose without so much as a hint of the bolt twisting in the plastic hole. And the best part, it only took one episode of M.A.S.H. to do the conversion.

Could it be a new trend? Could it be that our community of voices are being heard? Could all John D.'s calls and time and effort be finally paying off? Could it be faulty seat that slipped through Quality Control without being noticed?


Re: Interesting Miyata Air Seat Conversion Tonight

That’s where my money is.


Was there any indication that John Drummond et al had tinkered with the seat before sending it to you? Maybe they are loosening things up first, dunno.

Oh, that makes sense, Bruce. :wink: doesn’t take enough flak already about the recent “quality” of Miyata saddles, so, unbidden, they make the bolts loose before they send it to you, without knowing if you intend to do a conversion that they offer as a service option anyhow.

What Harper said.

No, I think the saddle was simply a pass through There was actually no indication of thread-lock on the threads and it completely surprised me that the nuts came off so easily. I was also immensely pleased that it worked out that way.



Sorry, Bruce!

I meant to say:

“Oh, that makes sense, Rod…” :wink: