Interested in Coker? Must See this:

Cokerhead responded to my earlier ping. But Enthusiasts might miss the data due to the thread title.

I’ve only seen a few in real life. This is the nicest ride I’ve ever personally laid eyes on. He racks up the miles in style.

Cokerhead writes:

"I’ve lowered the rack and changed cranks and pedals since these pics.

I like air seats.

I think the shape, density, angle and handle are all important comfort factors.


Cokerhead’s most impressive Coker

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Try This.

Mark let me ride his Coker for a quick spin in Minneapolis. I was interested if one of those touring setups could be mounted at all. It looks like all of the gear is in the way. Actually, there’s nothing to it other than, as he says, the weight of the bag as you mount if it’s full of stuff. Nothing gets in the way of your legs on the way up or when you’re on top. Also, the touring guys have high-end components on their rigs which make them even more dream-like to ride.