Interested in buying?

Hey, I’m wanting to buy new parts for my MUni but I’m short on cash so I’ve gone digging through my house to find stuff I can sell. So far I’ve found some videogames that I no longer use and would be willing to sell to fellow unicyclers for a special price. (since unicyclers rock) PM me if your interested in buying any of the games shown below which are Madagascar Operation Penguin, Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5, Agent Barbie, Monsters Inc, Lego Island II Revenge of Brickster, The Lost Vikings, and Tarzan Return to the Jungle. (payments will be done through PayPal only) All games are in excellent, like new condition. If you are willing to buy all of the games below I will include a Two Player Link Cable Cord for the Nintendo GameBoy SP for free.

P.S.-I found instruction booklets for two more of the games after this picture was taken; “The Lost Vikings” and “Tarzan, Return to the Jungle”