Interested in a May long weekend 24 hr race?

Hey all, we have an opening in the 24 hour race we’re doing here in Ontario. It’s gonna be a wicked course (only 12 Km’s…and they supply cabin and food!)

If worse comes to worse, the 4 of us doing it is not a problem, but if someone wants to take part in a 24 hour race (which is AWESOME!) respond to this please. The race is May 17-18 near Toronto, Ontario.

pleas check out for more details


In the pictures on the web site, I swear I saw a woman with a London Unicycle Club jersey on. Could this be Mrs. Sofa???

“Inquiring minds want to know… I want to know”



That is ‘aunt Sofa’ (my brother’s wife)

They went to a ladies MTB clinic (went in timid little girlies and came out biking monsters who went through rock gardens and everything!)

My bro and his wife don’t unicycle, but got the jerseys because they were the same price as ‘normal’ jerseys