Inter-changable saddle covers from differenet years?

The title pretty much explains it. I was wandering if the saddle covers from KH are interchangeable. I’m wandering if I can change year 2008 with a 2009 OR 2010.


You could probably make it work but the 09 and 10 saddles have a wider back end and generally different shape. I am getting an 09 saddle tomorrow* and have a couple older KH saddles here so I can give it a try and let you know.

*Assuming my friend picked it up from my little brother and we actually meet when we are both in PA (the city)

Yes the 09/10 covers work on the 07/08 seats.

I have tryed…

the lace is just done up way tighter so it makes it hard to put the seat post on unless you put the seat post on before doing the lace up. and the other way round is well

I got a 09 cover on my 07 seat now. It fits, but it takes a little bit of time to get the same shape as the seat foam has, it’s not annoying though. I just put mine really tight so it looks like an 07 cover:p