Intense Winter Unicycling Photos

Hey guys, heres a thread where you can post your winter unicycling photos.

Heres a small collection of shots I got today during my ride with Sam Haber in Boston. If anyone wants a poster of any of these shots I can set them up in my online shop.

Living green in the recycle big.

Amazing shots.

Pictures came out awesome Brian. This city should prove some fun.

Holy shit brian. Those are some really amazing shots!

they look like some really awesome studio done shots dude. Really neat.

i’m still stunned, they are so fricken awesome. Great color and angles.

Thanks! A three dollar flash goes a long way.

haha. thats awesome. Seriously dude, thats some extremely profesional stuff though.

I’d suggest going to, and looking in their “off topic” forum (you need to be a member to view it), and viewing the “photography” thread. Some people throw around lots of cool looking shots similar to yours. Although, i would warn you about going into other threads in the off topic forum, since people post a lot of weird porn and such.

Amazing, as your pictures always are!

Are you going to NAUCC this year, cause I totally wanna hang out with my favorite photographer again!

Unfortunately I don’t believe I’ll be able to make it to NAUCC this year. I am saving up for Unicon 2010 though, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to that.


They look like HDR’s but I wasn’t aware you could take a HDR of a moving object?


Brian & Sam, Great pictures guys! Wish I could have made the ride. My wife and I just became proud parent of the next female expert unicyclist 2 days earlier, so I was a bit tied up :slight_smile: Will need some extra planning moving forward, but hope to get out there soon w/ you all!

They didn’t “come out” like that at all. Brian made them awesome in post-production. Not to say you can fix bad photos, they were of course well taken also. Love the combination of sun and flash in that shot on the stairs.

Yes, they do look like HDR or “grunge” style. A great effect.

Well, I should have said well done.

Although when I finish post production on a video and I think I did well, I may say to someone, “It came out good”. I’ll stand by that phrase.:wink:

The photographers like to say “Nice Capture!”

Indeed some great pics.
Flash hand held, off the camera?
What camera are you using? Lens?

The crate shot is hilarious.

Yeah, great pictures!

What camera and lens do you use?
What flash did you get?
Did you set them up yourself and use a timer?
What processing did you do on the photos?


Serious? Only $3.00, that’s nothing! What kind?

But awesome photos! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!

The photos were shot on my ancient Digital Rebel XT (350D) with a sketchy manual focus Russian fisheye lens (Peleng 8mm) and a flash I bought at a thrift store for three dollars. The flash is a “Promatic FTD4500AF” and visibly, its very obviously from the 80s. It was manufactured for Minolta cameras and wouldn’t fit quite properly on my camera or wireless triggers so I took it apart and removed the extra contacts on the hotshoe, leaving only the center one so that it can be triggered and fit.

The brings me to the next part, the flash was fired off camera. I bought the cheapest wireless flash triggers I could find and had the flash mounted on the receiver which was on my tripod. The flash basically has two power settings (bright and not so bright) and no auto mode so a lot of it is just a matter of playing with distances and angles as well as camera settings.

You will notice a certain theme going on here, I’m using all incredibly old, outdated and low end equipment. You don’t need to spend $10,000 on camera stuff (though I wish I could) to get good results for the web and reasonably sized prints.

The shots aren’t technically HDR but its not just a coincidence that they are reminiscent of the effect. I’d rather not go into too much detail about the post editing I do as everyone has their own styles and techniques. Just know that I have a vision for the final image and know the limitations of my equipment very well. If your camera can shoot in RAW mode then you should most certainly be using it. It gives you a lot more latitude whilst touching up.

Anyone who brags that they don’t edit their photos, who say they “just take the picture correctly to begin with” are just ignorant. Editing can’t save a bad photograph but it can make a good one excellent. Just about any photograph you’ve seen and liked by photographers online has gone through some sort of extensive post work, whether it be simple sharpening or color enhancements or drastic effects such as HDR; however, its a very thin line between enhancing your photographs and just simply overdoing it.

I’ve uploaded another two, these are actually the same exact photograph. One is before editing and the other is after. This should give you an idea of my setup (you can see my flash on the tripod in the unedited one) as well as the sort of defects I have to deal with: intense lens flare on the left side of the image as well as an overall softness to the image.

I appreciate everyone’s interest and I’d be glad to answer more questions. If you want to help me afford half decent gear you can do so by getting a poster from my uni photography poster shop in my signature. If you want one of the shots in this thread as a poster just let me know and I can set it up. Thanks!

Admittedly that last shot is pretty terrible. At that point my flash triggers were no longer firing reliably (one in ten shots it would fire) and I was just getting irritated trying to get it to work. I’m relatively sure that it was just a matter of the stuff being in the cold all day. I haven’t tested it to see if it works again yet though.

Corbin, since the shots were of Sam (AgentQ) and not myself I had no real need to use a timer of any sort. For all of the shots the camera was handheld, composed and fired by me.

I had the camera in manual mode for the entire shoot as thats really the best way to work with off camera flash.

Whats the main reason for squishing the background as you did?

I really like the pictures, the are professional maded :slight_smile:
and The colours are beautifull !!