Intense Mag 30 DH Rim

Is anybody using the Intense Mag 30 DH Rim?

It is made by Sun-Ringle who also make the DoubleWide.

There has been quite a bit of discussion between the DoubleWide and the Alex DX 32 but the Intense Mag 30 has only been mentioned in jagur’s thread about rim weights.

I saw one in a Downhill Shop today; it is expensive, a little narrower, but looks real strong.

Why would you want that rim. It’s “skinny” and expensive. The Alex DX32 and Sun Doublewide have both proven themselves as being good strong muni rims.

For muni with a 3" tire you want a wide rim. Wider is better. With a wider rim the tire will not fold over as much when side hopping and you’ll be able to run at a slightly lower tire pressure. Pecking uphill is one common situation where having a wide rim to minimize tire foldover makes things easier.

The Intense Mag 30 is “only” 29.6 mm wide (inside width).
The Alex DX 32 is 32 mm wide (inside width).
The Sun Doublewide is 33 mm wide (inside width).

yeah, I was thinking about the intense as well, but cost limitations (it costs over twice the DX-32, and really isnt that much lighter) and the fact that I couldnt get it in 24 through my shop made me decide to get a DX. Although you probably wouldnt mind this rim, it’s not the widest (which you may notice) and might not be the strongest.