Intense 24x3 vs duro

Well I just switched my MUni tires from the standard Duro 24x3, for the Intense 24x3. While they are somehwat similar, i find that the Intense seems to have a moe agreesive tread, especially the huge knobbies on the sides.

It’s also a tad more square, resmebling that of the gazz. So it seems a perfect mix of Duro with the gazz! I’ll be rideing later so I guess I’ll find out first hand soon enough! :sunglasses:

PS: Not a bad deal for only $5!:smiley:


Blimey! Send a few over to the UK!

Yeah, where did you get it for $5, I’ll buy a pair of them if I can get them at that price.

I actually bought it from I originally called them to order the Arrow wide bite, but they were out of stock, so he offered to sell me a used Intense 24x3 for $5. He said there was about 90% tread still remaining, so I jumped on it!.

Sorry if I didn’t make that clear, it was just a used tire he had lying around. I don’t know if they have any more, so it might not hurt to call or email them and ask. :slight_smile:

Aw man… E-Mailing now.

I’ve ridden that exact tire on my muni for over 3 years now. It’s almost completely bald in places, but is generally a solid tire. I always found it more similar to the gazz than a duro (which I ride on my west-coast muni), however I’ve been consistenyl disappointed by its skinny handling qualities. In contrast to the Gazz, the Intense just always felt wobbly and unstable on round skinnies.

That said, there’s a reason i still ride that tire, which is that it’s served me well. note, however, it is easy to rip entire chunks of knobbies, if not whole knobbies at once off the tire. It is not a tire for asphalt.

I can’t find that tire anymore. I bought it 4 years ago at a local DH bike shop (which has since gone out of business), and have been unable to source a new one since.

Have you ripped knobbies off the tire from unicycling?

I’ve seen Gazz and Intense tires with ripped off knobbies when used for aggressive DH biking. Haven’t heard of that problem with unicycling.

I got a good deal on a used 24x3 Gazz that was used a few times for DH biking and has a few nearly ripped off knobbies. For unicycling use a few nearly ripped off knobbies isn’t a big deal.

On my duro I have a section where I nearly ripped off 2-3 adjacent knobbies from one awkward landing, they’re only hanging on with less than 1/2 the rubber they used to. This landing also caused the bead on my duro to unseat to the point where the bead was visible for 4-5 inches at one spot.