Intense 24 X 3.0 Tire Sale for CMW from uniproshop!

Hey guys and girls,
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’ll be bringing most of the Intense 24" X 3.0" Tires uniproshop has left to the California MUni Weekend and we’ll be selling them. There will be a special deal to anyone that is there all weekend long so make sure to bring some extra money to buy one, two or even three of them. You’ll have to show up to know what the special is. We will sell them until we run out so make sure you see me early to make sure you get one. We’ll also be donating one of the tires and tubes to the raffle along with a Defect DVD.

I’ll bring some tires to the trailheads of all the rides, to the dinners and I’ll be camping at the main campground so I’ll have them there as well. If you don’t know me, you can find me by looking for a tall (6’4") blonde guy who has a ridiculous long seat post (for sure the longest out of anyones). Or by just asking other people if they know who/where Jamey Mossengren is. Or by calling me on my cell at 612-240-8786.

Unfortunately uniproshop won’t be bringing or selling much of anything else besides some copies of Defect DVD’s for $20, some 24" tubes, some 36" tires and maybe a few more misc. things. See ya’ll there in less than 4 days!!!

Also, you’ll save money on shipping as you can just pick them up at CMW!!! :slight_smile:

Great idea Jamey! Not only a great deal but you save shipping too! I bet you’ll sell most if not all of them! (Glad I got mine when I did!:slight_smile: )

I’ve got some questions:

  1. What is it about them that everyone seems to love so much? :thinking:

  2. If they are so good, why did they stop making them?

  3. Even if I don’t have a 24" (yet), should I get one now so I’ll have one when I get a 24"?

1 - dual compound (harder in center), longer life than a Duro, good tracktion, absorbs bumps very well, and thanks to Jamie, less $ than it was before he got them.

2 - They were made for downhill bikes and now MTBrs rarely use that size anymore.

3 - Yes, if you want an Intense (arguably the best of what’s still available).

Less than 3 days away!!! Can’t wait…

I am very excited. I bought two of the Intense tires but my friend has been learning on my muni cuz and he made a fatty bald spot in one area… I might have to buy another. And I also plan to get a Defect DVD. Any idea where we can get Defect T-shirts? Does someone still make them?

You should try and rotate the tire and it’ll last much longer! :slight_smile:

And I don’t think the Defect shirts are available anywhere…

See you soon!