insurance & unicycles

i am currently attemting to set up a unicycle group in manchester. i am
submitting a lottery application on behalf of the group. The group has to
have public liability insurance to use the hall and to apply for a lottery
grant. Endsleigh insurance had offered a policy last year but they are
unable to do it this year, if any one runs a similar club i would be very
grateful of the names of any insurers you use .



National Coverage

There was some discussion about the prospect of attempting to set up National coverage. If there is enough interest, perhaps this is something we should persue now. I would prefer liability to be covered by USA dues, and would gladly pay more to facilitate insurance. This would require no small quantity of motivation…


I write with 21 years’ experience dealing with insurance claims including liability claims.

Anyone who has household contents insurance, or who lives with parents who have household contents insurance, will usually have Public Liability insurance included in that policy. Thus, if I run over someone on my unicycle, I can put them in touch with my Home Contents insurers who will deal with that claim on its merits.

If I collide with another unicyclist, we can each involve our Home Contents insurers so that if either of us blames the other, he can attempt to claim against the other’s insurer. This is very similar to the situation with two motorists who collide, and then leave the insurers to sort it out.

Damage to the unicycle istself (or theft of the unicycle) will be covered under many but not all household contents policies. The company for which I work would offer cover on ‘pedal cycles’ for a small additional premium on the basic policies, or as standard on the better policies.

Liability of the CLUB might be to the members or to third parties (passers by) or to the owners of the hall/room etc. It is difficult to envisage circumstances in which a substantial claim might be made against the club, or members of any committee. Nevertheless, there is a small risk. Perhaps the club organises an event and fails to supervise it adequately, and a small child is hit by a unicycle. Perhaps things get out of hand and a young club member starts riding on the ‘furniture’ and falls into a plate glass window. Perhaps a unicycle seat or pedal digs into the sprung timber dance floor. This is the sort of insurance that the owners of the hall or room will require you to have.

Many mainstream insurers will offer this type of cover if the person applying for the insurance already has a substantial business connection with them - car or household insurance, for example. So, you could contact your own household insurers for advice. The insurance risk is no greater than, for example, a junior football team, a youth club, and so on.

Another option (in the UK) might be to contact the Cyclists’ Touring Club. This is a national organisation with over 100 years of heritage, and deals not only with bicyclists, but also tandemists, tricyclists and so on. Perhaps your club could affiliate and benefit from the CTC’s own cover. If you are not UK based, there will be a similar organisation in your own country or state.

I am willing to give general advice on this subject off list, but I DO NOT SELL OR ACT AS AN AGENT OR BROKER and can give no guidance on premiums. Contact me at