insurance liability for clubs

Are there any clubs out there that purchase liability insurance for parades or
exhibitions/shows? If so, can you give me the name of the company &
approximately how much it costs?

For several years I’ve been working with the Oakview exhibition club in VA (USA)
that was started by Jim Moyer over 25 years ago. After his sudden death in
October, the kids wanted to continue the club. Since Mr. Moyer was a teacher at
Oakview for 30 years, the principal has agreed to let the club use the gym space
for practice, but told us we would have to get our own insurance because he
apparently did not plan to find a teacher to replace Mr. Moyer to take over the
club (Though it would have been difficult finding someone as dedicated as Mr.
Moyer.) Meanwhile, the club is trying to get organized as a non-profit so that
we can receive donations to continue the club, but we’re having a difficult time
finding reasonable insurance. As far as practice, the kids are required waivers,
but for performances, we need to provide proof of insurance. Any help would be

Uni-versally yours, Unicycle lady