Insurance for a gig?


   I am to be working the Isle Of Wight Festival, on unicycle, in a couple of weeks. To anyone UK based who has done similar gig's, what would be the best road to go down for insurance against theft? Is there any company that specifies in unicycles etc?

   I am covered by the public liability insurance, that the entertainment group i'm with has, but I am told that my unicycles won't be covered. As I will have £600+ worth of unicycles with me, and my powerisers, I can't afford to replace it, so obviously do not want the gear pinched.

Cheers in advance.


I would think as far as insurance goes, an insurance company wouldn’t care if it was a unicycle or bicycle- and they probably have coverage or riders for that.

Take a look at
a- your household insurance, items MAy be covered out of teh house already.
b- CTC - the cyclists touring club.
c-a company named “worldwide travel insurance” ( do a google for them, I think they are based in kent.

my unicycles are mentioned specifically on my house insurance, which covers them wherever they are.

worldwide travel insurance are again insuring my ass for competetive mountain unicycling this summer, they seem to be quite at home with insuring unicycles for some reason, so may well be worth a shot.