Instruments, cell phones and walkie talkies

The phone thing is neat - sometimes I use the cordless when I’m waiting for a
call while unicycling outside, and I feel cool just holding it. My sister and I
also have walkie talkies that I want to use while unicycling, just to see what
odd looks we’d get!


>It’s not an instrument, but this is a chance to tell a story. This
Sunday I was riding my 28" Semcycle on the Towpath trail, a multi-use trail
between Akron and Cleveland along the old Ohio Canal. I was on pager duty last
week, and had a cell phone in case I got paged. As it happened the pager went
off. Knowing my duty to the corporation but not wanting to stop my ride, I got
out the cell phone and made my call back to work to find out what the problem
was. The arrangement worked pretty well, until the phone ran out of power. I
will admit, though, that I felt a lot more conspicuous than usual as I rode past
bicyclists and walkers.
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