instructions on how to do a superman on a unicycle

start watching this video at 45 seconds

superman instructions:
ride up to rail drop
put foot on rail
jump from rail
do a superman
put foot on pedals

please spread ideas to the best riders

That was beautiful! Possibly the most beautiful piece of unicycling video I have ever seen. Well done!

I thought the move in question looked like Stupidman, followed by Superman. How come you guys like to ride “naked”? At least protect your brain when jumping rails & stuff, please! You might invent more cool tricks in the future, but only if you don’t have that one bad landing…

Beautiful movie making. Would be a shame to lose talent like that due to no helmet.

That is a great video. Wow!!! Those riders have some skills. I look forward to showing my girls over the weekend.

good god, how have i not seen this?

That’s a Poham video. Brilliant videography :wink:

You cant always be worried about protecting your noggin John. Life is about taking a little risk sometimes. If you die unicycling(or go brain dead) at least you were unicycling… could be worse, I could have tripped while walking down the street and hit my head on a light pole…
Anyway, that is a great video. I cant believe how good Raph is getting with his editing and filming.
As for the superman, I love falls like that.

Inspired, I have a new trick to start practicing. :astonished:

Oh, to have youth on our side! :(:slight_smile:

Just watched it for the third time today. Still amazed!!!

At the 1:06 mark, one of the boys lands a unispin with his right foot in a horrible twist. At least we know they are human!


Poham videos are the best <3

I’d love to see a Poham/Sinco callout, focused more on the videography than the tricks. Would be sick.

About the helmets, this was more of a chill video trick wise for them. There was hardly any big street and I’m pretty sure they could land almost every clip first or second try, so they weren’t too worried about hitting their heads. You can see in this video that whenever Elias goes big he wears a helmet.

Really great. Not just sick skills, but truly beautiful filming and music.

Thank you for that treat!

Yeah, they make great vids: riding, filming and editing. I saw it a while ago in the videos forum.

When I saw the title, I thought it was a description of the Superman flatland trick. I found a vid tutorial of it a few years ago and put it in this thread.

The text descriptions are in Polish or something, but I think it’s easy to follow w/o knowing what the text says.

I’ve done this a few times Joe. They’re so violent though, don’t think I like them.

Beautiful steadicam technique, riding and editing!