Installing new hub

some quick questions:
I’m getting a new hub(kh movment) for my nimbus 24" muni and I have some quick questions:

1)So far here are all the tools I think I need:
stanard crank remover(UDC.Uk), 8mm Allen Key ,and a are there any more tools that i’ll need?

  1. Will I need new spokes or can I keep the curent ones?

3)is ther any more info that i’ll need?

Some spanners to take off the frame and the pedals, allen keys to loosen the crank bolts, spokes key and a screwdriver to take out the spokes. Plus, some tyre removal tools.

cool I got them

Grease: you’ll want to put em on your spokes (not too much, just a film). A screwdriver can get you pretty far, but for the final tightening, use the spoke wrench.

This is what helped me the most, not so much the instructions but the pics.

It usually a good idea to switch out the old spokes for some new ones, but I don’t think that really matters much.

Good luck!

Can you suggest one posssible problem?

and will oil be ok instead of grease? if not what type/were should I get grease?

When you build a wheel the spokes deform to fit the hub, using old spokes on a new wheel build makes a weaker wheel. Also the length might not be correct, use the UDC spoke calculator to check. A drop of oil on the spoke threads would be fine, it’s just to decrease the torque applied to the spoke as the nipple is turned.

I tried to find my rime on there(Jetset black double-walled alloy downhill) but failed :frowning:

does anybody know what spoke lenth I will need to fit a kh movment hub on a nimbus 24" muni?

Would ‘231mm - 14g stainless spokes’ work ok? :thinking:

Looks like you’re going to need to measure up your rim and enter the data in to the calculator, unless you can find them online. Having said that, just ran the caculator with the dx32 rim, and both hubs, and the spoke legnth comes out within .3 mm so your old spokes should be the right length. If you can;t work out it just ask Roger, he prob has the data for your rim seeing as he sold it to you.

thanks :slight_smile:

after breaking my hub i just used the original spokes and my wheel seems fine i have droped from some farily big hights and not even a sound, i didnt look into how much new spokes would be though, if they dont cost much you might as well replace them i wouldnt like to have to redo it all over again

Yeah to be frank when I upgraded from a nimbus to KH hub on my nimbus uni I used the same spokes and never had any problems, particulalry because it’s a muni not a trials uni. New spokes cost £15 from UDC.

I do trials as well on mine so I think i’ll fork out £15 and get new spokes and keep the old ones as spairs.

Edit: what happened to your avatar? :thinking:

Dam I don’t have £15 :frowning: hope the old ones last