Installing Disk Brake on KH36

I have just successfully installed a Shimano M596 brake to my new KH36 2012 uni. No washers needed, and it seemed to all just slot together with a nice Avid rotor and blue 160mm adapter

It was surprisingly trouble free. Did the whole process at a wonderful bar in Prague called Bajkazyl where they let you use a full-tooled bike work station for free (well maybe a beer!)… All the tools you could wish for :slight_smile:

Anyway, I did have a few questions:

One, why does the KH instructions state you remove both cranks when fitting the rotor? I only removed the rotor side as I didn’t really want to take the other off and then just put it back on again. Any reason? Should I have removed both?

Also, regarding fitting the rotor. It had written on it a torque to tighten all the T25s to, but here they didn’t seem to have visible any torque wrench… So I evenly, and working on opposite T25s tightened them to a “good feel” hand measured torque.

Is this a critical thing? Wouldn’t want the rotor to get loose, but I guess it shouldn’t be over tighetned

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Now to find some hills and test this nice little brake (and wonderful uni) out on! :smiley:


No need for this.

I never used a torque wrench for rotors and never lost one nor had any loose screw.