Installing Brakes

I am about to get a new Kris Holm 24inch Freeride frame and am wanting to get some magura hs-33 hydralic brakes for it however Im not exactly sure if they will fit as my understanding is that V brake mounts are required to install these brakes and the frame doesnt come with any and it doesnt look like you can even install a brake plate without welding it to the frame just wondering if anyone else has installed these brakes to this frame or know if its possible before i hand over my money for brakes i may find later useless

Maguras should fit onto your KH frame with no modifications. It’s the V brakes that require adapters…

You might need these.
Don’t get the Firm Tech model of hs33.

Other than that I don’t really know, I’ll hopefully get a KH this autumn and install my (already pursued) brake on it. I probably have to shorten the hose too, :frowning: the front and rear had the same length. Or did I get two rear brakes? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

Yeah, someone with more free time, knowledge about brakes for unicycles and in general better English skill than me should write an ultimate brake guide. With lots of pictures.