install yahoo messenger and join the party

yahoo is the has voice and isnt AOL or MSN nuff is the link to download it today and cause you’ll forget tomorrow.

Yahoo Messenger download

What is wrong is msn and aol? they both have voice. msn has video and aols video isnt too good. plus everyone i talk to uses AOL or msn. Just Conversation?

just get trillian and you can use them all with one client.

MSN=the devil

AOL=the false prophet

my user name is tangent193

mines ‘timothytimmytim’

Amen, brother.


I think there’s no difference in the different messaging systems, besides what they look like.
I use MSN, though.

get yahoo NOW

You guys should organize a group chat sometime.

The Devil and I are close buddies and thats the way it’s gonna stay