Does look pretty noice.

That was very cool video :slight_smile: is that just some tape or somthing on ur frame?

great vid. i love how u edit stuff. totally makes the vid so hot

haha emile, thanks bud

yeah i would love to stat doing what sinco does, film and edit other riders. that would be awesome.

That was a pretty nice video. Bigspin was really cool. The 1 footer was also nice :wink:

really nice vid man, great effect you had going.

Did anyone else catch how the ramp that he one footed’ was drawn on to look like a stairset? I thought the angle that you had the camera at captured that nicely… Looked cool.

Man I would love you to start filming/editing my stuff. I may go out and do some filming today if you want some.

I’m a big fan of your videos, and this one is no exception. Keep 'em coming.

can you upload it to youtube? The computers here at school don’t like Vimeo for some reason.

vimeo doesn’t work but youtube does at your school
Normally it’s the other way around
When I try to go to UTV at school it says that it’s blocked because it is in the catagory as porn. I thought that was funny

Great videoooo
Make more

Vimeo doesn’t work because of video player issues or something… Youtube has been un-blocked because teachers use youtube videos for lessons and stuff.

man that’d be nice to go on youtube during school

Cool intro, nice riding and sweet music.
The conversation with the BMXer was funny to.
Good job

Nice grinds and as always good editing.

that was really good justin, i’m still not used to seeing you on a 19" uni. Do you still ride 24" street because you were awesome at that

nope, i dont even own a 24" anymore. But i would like to get back into some more “freestyle” Muni