Sam Haber’s most recent unicycle video inpsired me to go out and ride in the rain too.

thanks sam!

edit/film: Justin Kohse
Riding: Justin Kohse

Music: MGMT “kids”


Looks nice, I loved the first grind and the shifty out of grind. I wish I could ride in the rain… It is better than in snow, which is what is sticking to the ground right now :frowning:

Post 1001…

That was really cool.

I wish you made more things like that.

The street line a 1:42 was awesome. Actually same with 1:27.

Great riding, and editing, as usual.


EDIT: What do you do in editing to get that cool effect ? Like parts that are darker, and parts that are more colourful or something ?

You’re pretty much the man, and you deserve the post that brings me to post number 1337.

I wouldn’t just give that to anyone, you know. :wink:

The grind where you grinded the flat box then the down sloped one was kool. And the big spin off the ledge.

hey thanks guys,

Emile, we should colab

Awesome vid, you have a really cool park by you.

really good editing and creative lines.

That was awesome. I love your really creative style.

I love that song too. Catchiest song ever. I had thought it would be good to edit to, would’ve been a tough act to follow after that though!

So Cool.


Glade for some reason you think that I had anything to do with you going out and filming a cool vid, and somehow leaving in the background that unicycling is really what inspires us all.

Video was awesome. Intro was cool. would like to see what you could do with that effect in a week, not a day;) .

Logos and text was awesome. Ironically, check out what I was working on for my vid, and had sound issues and gave up on a re-render.

Also, about time someone used this song for a uni vid. Every other sports got it at least twice, its a good one. Deserves this video.

Gotta get them sponsors a video somehow, haha.
I gotta get my videos a sponsor. :stuck_out_tongue:

good stuff man.


Picture 16.png

I edited my trials video to this song… you beat me to it, but i dont care. it will be posted within the next few days.
this is the second time my song has been stolen!
grrrr :angry:

nice vid though!

Hey thanks sam, stuff looks great.
Ive been listening to MGMT for about 3 months now and i was waiting for someone to use that song. Nobody did, so it was ment to be.

Thats funny about your logo idea, we’re on the same page i guess. I wish i had more time too to get these together, but i just got a few freelance jobs (music videos and such), plus a contract job doing some video editing. So time is of te essence.

hey man, use electric feel. such a good song, especially the justice remix.


p.s. i know im not the techiest rider, but i try;)

Sweet video.

Your camera must be hell good quality too!

Sweet one footer.

I used electric feel on my last vid.
That vid was soooo good.
I thought the quality, editing and riding were the best parts.

What’s with the tape on your frame?


its just tape…gives me ghetto powers

Sweet video, I really need to shoot a new one…

I wish you still rode the 24".

impressing vid!!! :slight_smile: