inspired someone to UNI today?

Was riding my new 26’ Torker to Big Five sports store. Two guys saw me riding around. Later in the cashier’s line, one older guy said, “Man, you inspired me to try uni again!” Apparently be tried riding one years ago by himself but got discouraged. I shared how he needs to check his seat height and tire pressure.
It felt GOOD to ‘inspire’ someone to uni! :slight_smile:

Anyone else inspired someone lately? :smiley:

I lent my friend my learner uni with an upgraded seat and he’d learning, which is good cause he’s the odd man out when we go cycle.

It’s always fun to inspire :slight_smile:

Good! Get a club going.

Not tying to be a jerk here, but 26’ = 26 feet. 26" (notice the SECOND LITTLE LINE BRO) = 26".
Been there, done that, got yelled at… Now I’m the yeller;) .