Insides of a KH Fusion seat

I took apart a 2005 KH Fusion saddle and took some pictures to show what’s in there. The pictures show the shape of the foam, the shape of the seat base and the shape of the stiffeners. Pictures are at the bottom of my Airseat gallery. So if you’ve been curious about what’s inside of a KH seat, well there you are.

I want to see the insides of a Gel seat as well. Anyone?

this may be what you’re looking for - it’s an early 2005 one so the design will have changed subtly since

When you cut down the fusion seat for your coker in that gallery…

Did you just cut that sliver from the front, or did you also take off a little extra foam anywhere else?

I just cut the wedge off the front. No other part of the foam was modified other than putting it on a Miyata shaped carbon fiber base. I may put some material (maybe cardboard or something like that) under the middle section of the seat to raise the middle area up and make the seat a little bit more flat. I’ll ride it a bit as it is now before doing that so I can compare the two.