inseam length required on nimbus convertible giraffe

I was thinking about getting, but on they say the minimum inseam length is 32".
I was wondering if anyone on here has used it and if that measurement is correct.

i suspect that figure will be accurate.

On the other hand if you cut down the tube above the bottom bracket correctly you could make it small enough for a toddler to ride…

There are ways though…

Each section is 400mm long. You can get a 200mm section and use that as the top section. That will give you a saddle potentially 8" lower!

Keep in mind that in unicycling, the inseam measurement is to the ground, not your ankle. (I think a regular 32" trouser inseam requirment would put a lot of people out of the running.)

Also note that rogeratunicycledotcom isn’t just a guy with a really long username, he’s Roger Davies, and I’m pretty sure he designed that unicycle. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about. :slight_smile:

How would I go about ordering it with a 200mm section?

I dont think you can order it pre-changed so you will have a spare 2ft piece. Add some extra chain and you have the makings of a 9ft giraffe :P.

Tiney, contact them and ask. Sometimes they’ll make substitutions. The worst they might do is say no.

I think I may just order it seperately and have some extra length if I want to go taller. Thank you, everyone, for all the helpfull information.