Inseam Length Question

Okay, so I’m shopping for a new freestyle unicycle. I just started out not too long ago and already want a better one than the one I was gifted. The one I have now doesn’t have a brand name. It just has a sticker that says “Savage” on it. Not sure if any of you have seen one like it.

Anyways onto my question. My inseam length measures to 31.5". When shopping i noticed there is the 200mm (28") and then 300mm (32") inseam length options. I am not really sure which one would i would be better off going with since I’m right under the 300mm and over the 200mm by a few inches. I would guess that going with the 200mm would be best just in case the 300mm is too tall.

If anyone is willing to point me in a direction I’d appreciate it. I’m just wondering which option would be best being in between the sizes.


You can always cut down a seatpost. It is not at all unusual to do so. Making one longer is a bit more problematic.

Savage is the brand name. Lollipop bearing holders and notoriously horrible saddle.

Always go for the longer seatpost. As my Dad says “It’s easy to cut it shorter but it’s hard to cut it long”. It’s normal to shorten a seatpost a bit.

Within a few weeks of buying a Savage, I had replaced the seat, seat post, quick release and tire. Now the frame is starting to split where it attaches to the bearings. This problem can be temporarily solved with hose clamps purchased for $1 at an autoparts store. A longer-term fix, if you know how to weld, is shown here.

Plenty has already been written about Savages on various threads here, such as this one.

As far as the new uni you’re shopping for, get a 300mm seat post. As a couple of others have said, you can always cut it if it’s too long, but I’m pretty sure you won’t need to.

The inseam for unicycle riding does not equal the inseam for pants. Are you making the correct measurement? One way to measure the inseam is to measure the maximum distance from the top of the pedal (at its lowest point) to the saddle point on the seat–that is the actual inseam height for your current unicycle.

Typically, unicycle inseam measurements are a few inches longer than pants measurements. Forgive me if this explanation is already obvious to you.


Cool. Got it.

Yeah, the saddle on that thing is just horrible. I barely ride it for a mile and i’m getting blisters and bruises. No wonder I got that Savage for free. Haha :smiley: I can’t wait to see what it’s like riding an actual nice unicycle. I feel like a clown riding on the current one. It’s not comfortable at all and the wheel is too small.

And ttocs, I’m pretty sure I understand what the inseam actually is. It is the measurement from your groin to the bottom of your foot correct? I’ll measure the length on my other unicycle too just to be sure what I want.

Well, remember that everyone gets blisters when they first start. I remember the first time I sat on a decent saddle it felt like a couch compared to my junk saddle.

As for the inseam, don’t forget to measure with your riding shoes on. It does make a bit of difference.

I didn’t get blisters. I did get bruises on my thighs, and I also experienced what felt like might have become pressure sores below my “sit bones” if I had tried to ride more without some downtime. Both improve as you toughen up down there and as you develop better technique. And chafing. Oy, the chafing. The people who recommend cycling shorts for chafing are not wrong.

I have gotten blisters from, I think, the ankle protectors that are integral to my shin guards, but that’s a different topic. Blisters mean something is rubbing,and might be addressible with a different choice of underwear or other clothing.

I have yet to buy a truly good saddle, but the one that came on my Trainer is noticeably better than the one that came on my Balance; though I didn’t notice the difference at first. It is obvious now as I switch between riding both unis.

Oh yeah. I’m probably more like 32-33" with shoes on. My current unicycle is the 300mm inseam length. I just measured it.

300 mm is just under 12". Are you sure that is the inseam measurement?

I am 5’7" tall and have a 33.5" inseam for unicycle riding.


It’s 32" I am kind of confused about the sizes. It says on that the 300mm seat post is required for 32" inseam length. I was thinking it was 32" for some reason. Just a mistake on my part about it. The full length is 32" from the lowest peddle point to the top of the seat. I see now that the 300mm size is just the seatpost and not the inseam length.

I just remeasured my inseam length with shoes on standing perfectly straight and it’s actually 34"

Each unicycle will need a different length seat post because of differences in wheel and frame size. I like to measure off the unicycle because then I can match the seat height. Depending upon how straight your legs are when extended on the unicycle, you may be a bit longer or shorter in the inseam.

Is your current unicycle seat height adjusted the way you like it? It is sometimes interesting to move it up or down a half inch or an inch and ride it for a while to see how it feels.


I haven’t tried adjusting it. I’ll do that tonight after work probably. I know that i’m going to ditch that one though as soon as i get a different one, but I guess it could help me figure out what specifications i’ll want on the new one.

Freestyle is easier to figure out that the more “jumpy” types of riding, since you usually run the seat high. This means get the 300mm, so it’s an easy answer. Worst case scenario you may have to cut it down in the future. Pipe cutter is best for that, but hacksaw will work. Always file it to remove any burrs before putting back in the frame.

Yes, there was the joke that the “Savage” name came from what it did to your crotch, especially if you had one of those seats that gets less leg-friendly every time you drop it. But that design of seat had been around for a long time before the Savage stickers came along…

I had a chuckle when I saw how far along this went before someone pointed out that you can adjust the height of the saddle. Never overlook the obvious. :slight_smile:

It’s consistent with my own 20" beginner’s uni, and probably more or less true for most of them, that the 32" inseam measurement is the maximum for a 300mm seatpost when it’s fully extended. 28" would be the maximum height for the 200mm seatpost. But the saddle height with the 300mm seatpost when it’s lowered all the way down would typically be less than for the 200mm post all the way up.

That’s probably the one for you. Just work with it, moving it up and down little by little until you find out where it feels best.

Speaking of Savages, could anyone tell me if it’s worth replacing my frame, bearings and hub? I have already replaced so many parts (see above) that perhaps my uni doesn’t really count as a Savage anymore, and it definitely won’t if I replace the frame with some other brand, but that’s OK, -I have no interest in a frame that will just split again. Is such an overhaul even remotely worth considering? For the moment, I am quite happy with this uni and can ride for miles on its Viscount seat, and am even learning a few simple tricks. Obviously, though, there are certain tricks I’ll never be able to try on this thing, and it might even become a bit unsafe just to ride down the street.

I would say no, it’s not worth replacing anything more on that uni. Watch out or it’ll become like the Irish axe. :sunglasses:

(For those who’ve never heard of it, the Irish axe is an axe that has been in the family for 300 years with only 6 new handles and 5 new heads)