Insanely British requirement.....

I do not know about you fellows, but as an aged Unicyclist, I find trouser legs keep getting snagged on the centre portion of the individual cranks, this can be quite exciting at times, but dangerous as well. My comment is, does anyone ever use bicycle clips of the old school metal band type that contains the trouser legs, or those cheaper Velcro straps that always offends my eye… ?? I did try tucking the legs into my socks but that only lasts a few yards… Maybe wearing shorts until gravel rash developed… :frowning: :thinking: :astonished:

I wore those ankle bands you mentioned until I got used to wearing shorts. When you wear knee pads and shin guards long pants tend to get in the way anyway, so shorts are the way to go. (Unless it’s really cold.)

I’ve always tucked into my socks… Then again, I wear offensively long socks that could probably pass as tights if I pulled them hard enough :smiley:

I found a way of wrapping the trouser leg around my actual leg and holding it in place with my knee pads that actually achieves the desired effect. It looks as goofy as you would expect wearing knee pads over long trousers would, but I’m not in a fashion contest. It looks no worse than not doing the wrap does.

Tried shorts, maybe for couple of weeks over here in Britain, otherwise it is way too cold for me and my legs resemble a sparrows. I do not really wear protective devices other than leather fingerless mitts and trainer shoes, but there again I do not indulge in speed/crosscountry unicycling at all, more the leisurely stroll down the boulevards.....  :D

I often use the cut off leg parts of socks to form a sleeve containing the trouser legs. This keeps the trouser legs from coming loose and and catching in the pedals etc.

Maybe wearing shorter pants helps. When it is warm enough I wear shorts, but in winter I wear jogging suit trousers. I haven’t had the problem of them trapping my feet on the cranks. Alternately try diff crank lengths.

Hi Regina Wrecks

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I am paranoid about falling off my unicycle and hurting myself so I always wear my KH Leg guards. They keep my trousers out of the way.

As (when) I get better and no longer need the guards I guess I use ye olde worlde cycle clips.

Another thought, do they still sell Ron Hill tracksuit bottoms ? They’d do the trick.
@ unibokk :slight_smile:
I use the toe cut off from socks to protect my pins on my pedals from scratching when I transport them. Also keep the socks on if I am unicycling indoors.

@ Alucard. Yep, socks have many uses. :smiley:


I seldom ride in long trousers, and when I do they’re usually Ronhill Bikesters. But on the odd occasion when I ride in long non-Bikester trousers, I wear cycle clips.

Embrace the eighties…

And hiya Alucard…:slight_smile:

Swipe me, leg warmers, why did I not remember those tiny morsels of delight. Maybe I can get in touch with my feminine side legitimately for once, and in public… !!!

Me and my red legwarmers out and about recently…

Bike tights for cold weather

Hi Regina, welcome to the forum. I use padded bike shorts with an outer cover
for 55 degrees (Fahrenheit ) or higher weather. The padding(chamois) really helps make the ride more comfortable. For colder weather I use bib tights, also with the chamois built in. They fit like a diving suit so there’s no loose material, and I’ve ridden in weather down to 1 or 2 Celsius. I don’t ride when it’s below freezing because I don’t want to deal with icy pavement.