Insane in Spain -- check out this high-exposure path

Maybe Turtle’s next adventure? The beginning looks easy (to some of you, not me) but keep watching…

Wow, that is intense! It looks like a great place to practice riding skinnies, at least for more advanced unicyclists.

Where is the path? Why is there a path there?


practise? i’d hope you were already proficient if you were attempting to ride some of that! :astonished:

probalbly not, i’m scared only watching it!! :astonished:

…but i’d like to try at least some parts of it :roll_eyes:

Isn’t that where they filmed Von Ryan’s Express?
I remember seeing a video of some mountain b*kers riding flatter sections of it years ago.

There’s no way you’d get me up there.

Oh whoh just imagining that… would truly be a once in a lifetime ride.

If both me and my uni were attached to that cable running along the side, and the cable could definitely keep us safe you couldn’t stop me trying :stuck_out_tongue:

All the fun stuff is in other countries. Can you imagine the US letting people tour something like this? I would walk it with a rope/harness. Ride it? NO!

It looks like a great place for a school field trip. Get my 100+ sixth graders off the bus and tell them to go nuts. The bus ride home would be much quieter. Okay I’m kidding. Really, I am mostly just kidding.

I’ve just checked it and the path is closed for the tourists after some fatal accidents.
They plan to reconstruct it and reopen, but it will take time.

And it was built as an access to the dam while building it somewhere at the beginning of XX century.

:astonished: I wouldn’t even walk on that! It doesn’t look safe at all! There are holes in the path!

WOW that would be really cool to walk but not ride… Just to see all the old artefact and all.

I’d ride it :roll_eyes: :astonished:

I figured it had something to do with that big pipe or other construction projects. Definitely I don’t imagine it was intended for tourists, though that depends how old it is. Anyone know how old?

They definitely don’t make cliff-hugging catwalks/walkways like they used to! That guy filming sure was gutsy…and confident! You get a great sense of vertigo even watching it in a tiny YouTube window! Well done!

All those holes in the walkway. Why is the guy so trusting of the rest of it? :astonished:

Fun means risking death to get to the other end? There’s plenty of great, fun stuff even in this part of this state. C’mon up to Auburn and I’ll show you a great trail with lots of “don’t look down” areas to the side. I just got back from riding it with Tom Holub (Confluence Trail, Auburn).

I’ve seen part of this path when travelling by train between Malaga and Seville. Its a really interesting area, and a great train ride.

Here’s a link to it; Caminito_del_Rey

Another one that comes to mind is the cables up Half Dome. Not nearly as dicey as the Camino del Rey deal. but some people get in way over their head and freak out. Last time I did it with my son, there was a person up front who kept stopping for long periods, forcing a lot of people to have to wait in places where there were no footholds. People were crying, frozen in fear, it was a mess.

Eek - insane is the right word! I’m not good with cliffs and edges anyway, but most of that stuff looked ready to cave in at any moment. Nutter! Makes for a cool film though - as long as somebody else does it.


Just wait for the Daily Mail headline “another example of Health & Safety gone mad”. :wink: Sorry to OUK readers.

Just watching that scared me. I’d had to battle with my fear of heights to enjoy off piste skiing but that’s way to scary to even walk.


You guys have to watch the new video of El Camino del Rey… the first section is pretty killer. Guys, watch in HD and fullscreen, this one is ever crazier -_-". That guys is crazy. The guys even crosses someone barefoot at one point.

the path looks insain is anyone actually up for a trip out there,i would be?.