Insane Films Delivers New Video

Ok people…

We’re at it again. It being winter we have compiled some of the footage from last fall and released it in this latest short film: Haig Concrete Graveyard part 1!! Unfortunately, we were unable to find a free video converter that could take our Macs .dv file format (700mb) and convert it to a compressed .avi file so we had to use a shareware program that places a small but unfortunate “Unregistered Version” thingy in the center of the picture. Anyways. It was one of our better days out riding trials. Jeff debuts the video and gives himself a multiple fracture in his foot and Jon rocks out all of his skills to the tune of the O.C. Supertones “Chase The Sun”.

I hope you enjoy!!

Heres the link:

-TJ with


I love that you pushed him home in a grocery cart on your unis. :slight_smile:

Since it wasnt the highest level video id seen, it seemed to of been filmed quite well, like sum of the afffects and colours.


A really nice video. I liked the colors too.

crazy stuff

AWESOME!!! I fixed our video problem. Sorry for the bum copy. Heres a link to the final version which has a better looking compression rate and does NOT have that stupid “Unregistered Version” thingy in the middle of it:

It took me all night to figure out how to compress a 600 MB raw .dv file to a 11 MB .wmv file… if anyone needs to know the secret to doing all of that COMPLETELY FREE AND LEGAL. Get back to me…

Enjoy and keep the comments comin’.


Nice one. I like the effects. Was that when Jeff broke his foot?

very cool, wish I had people to ride with.
Awaiting the next video : )