insane brake lever mount

i have been battling it out all afternoon with a bar-end,a seat rail sandwich,my rail adapter and a hacksaw etc.

im basicly trying to mount the bar-end inside the rail adapter,above the seat post guts.the tolerances are so close but if i can get this to work i wont have to use any hardware or even drill a single hole!..
…more later…<off to go at it some more>

based on your overwhelming responce to this thread,i’d say a picture is in order.DDR was nice enough to come by on his way to a movie and brought the cam.

your looking at the rails of an early SH/Kinport adapter spaced for Miyata bolt patterns.underneath that is the top half of the seat post guts,then on the bottom is a bar-end.

brake trash adapter.jpg

thats neat, but youre still a tech pervert.:wink:
actualy i always though brake lever mounts looed ugly, thats a nice idea.

Have you been able to slide the brake handle onto that thing? It looks like its jammed all the way against the base of the saddle. Is the close quarters difficult to deal with?

I’m really jonesing for that KH rail adapter with the built in brake mount. Anybody know when that’s going to be available? When’s gonna be my time?

That is neat, Jag!

Post a pic when it has a brake on, and on a Uni.

Looking good! :slight_smile:


Bit hard to tell from that angle, but looks like getting the top of the seatpost under the rails might be a bit challenging too…

are you kidding;) i wouldnt have jammed that thing all together if i couldnt acually use it.ok,so the pic is straight on and hard to see depth.i’ll add another angle.

the close quarters as you put it were hard to work with.i had to hacksaw the clamping part of the bar-end a little thinner, just enough so it would fit above the seat guts but not to much so it would be tight in there when totaly assembled.

in the end im saving 50 bucks and i get to keep using the SH rail thingy.did i mention its titanium? ive been trying to break it for about a year now.


tech pervert? no way,i just hate the seat post mounted brake lever.they just look junky.

as a matter of fact,now that its almost all put together.i think the brake on my 29er looks junky anyway.i need to find a better way to mount a lever,a way that isnt upside down and backwards.not using a bike lever at all would be key, a whole new kind of design.

brake levers hanging under the seat just look clunky to me now.

Yes, It can be very difficult to fit the top half of the seatpost guts inside the rails while the rail adapter is attached to the carbon fiber seat base. The sides of the CF seat base stick up quite high and give you very little room to maneuver the seatpost guts into place. I had to completely remove the rail adapter from one of my seats so I could get the seatpost guts in.

Is it TI? I thought it was stainless steel.

yeah its Ti,ive kept silent about it for over a year.i figure its ok to mention it was just an experiment according to SH.there is a hair line crack developing above one of the welds :frowning:

Gee Thanks - keep quiet about it until it breaks - then tell the world!

No, No just kidding!!

Actually I’m really surprised that Jagur’s Ti rail has held together this long considering what he’s put it through. I also have a Ti rail adapter that’s still just fine after about a year of use but I can’t manage to break anything. It snapped and popped for a little while after I first started using it though. I swore that it had broken from the sounds it made. After a while it quit making noise and it’s been fine since. Strange.

It probably doesn’t much sense to build a Ti rail adapter except that I happened to have some Ti rod and sheet stock so I gave it a try. And I might have learned a thing or two about working with Ti in the process.

Steve Howard

mine did the same thing in the beginning,but hasnt made a noise since.the only reason noticed the hair line crack was because i took it apart to do the brake mount thing.the crack isnt visable from the side that you see while mounted to the CF may have alot of life in it still,but i am going to bring the new CrMo version with me for the Cali MUni week-end.

how many folks out there ride with a spare rail adapter stashed in their Camelbak? :smiley: it is fun to have an actual “titanium” componate on my uni,i’ll miss it if it fails totaly.

at last

heres a shot of the can see how tight in there the bar-end is,quite the p.i.t.a to install.


That’s what I like about you, Steve. To you, you are playing with materials and experimenting. But the by-products of your experiments are wonderful unicycle components that others can only dream about, or to the lucky few, get to experience first hand. When I experiment with balloons when creating better balloon animals, all I get when I’m done are a bunch of balloons. You create works of art.

In geological time, balloons and unicycles have the same longevity.

Yeah, but unicycles don’t shrivel up or pop if you play too hard with them. :slight_smile:

no, they don’t pop, but they do shrivel. or rather, crumple